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Hello Destiny Strings!

Suffice to say, the state of the game will be our last one. It shouldn't come to a surprise for everyone, especially since the last posts have dated more than a month ago and our playerbase is nearly null. Sadly, player interaction has been declining since last year and while we tried many attempts to fix this, the game continued to slow down at a steady pace.

Destiny Strings was a lot of preparation for event setup, dungeons, texts to prepare, NPCS to work with, and unfortunately a lot of the events ended up not getting finished in the end, or having to he stopped when someone dropped. It required a lot of manpower and sadly, we weren't able to deliver the goods as we had hoped. It was a very good learning process; DS was the first 'big scale' game that I ran and I never expected it to get so big at its start. Those memories and everything from then to now shall always have a very special place in my heart.

You all mean a lot to me.

As head mod, I don't regret a single minute spent working on this, spending entire weekends cranking out plots and boss battle flashes for little more than giving players an experience they wouldn't forget, even if just for a few days of having mindless fun. DS was a really fun game, and continued to be so because everything was due to you, the players, and made whatever efforts I did worthwhile. I am not walking out of a game that ended ahead of its planned ending bitter, but rather I am glad for all that you taught me.

So now while the curtain closes on Hinoto-Ri perhaps a little ahead of time, in agreement between all the remaining mods, we will be keeping the game in a state of permanent musebox for all your PSL needs. The communities will be open to anyone be they from previous players or brand new, and no applications will be required, just join and do what you wish. You can move around the existing city information, or add some of your own. All of DS' documents will be opened to you. If you wish to play out battles, you may chose to do so, but starting from now, no more mod input shall be put into the game.

Hinoto-Ri is now your musebox. One of the previous moderators, Eon, will be doing basic maintenance for the musebox to keep things running smoothly. You can contact her [ profile] eonflamewing

This being said, we don't want to leave you all in the dark. If you have any questions regarding the game, the plot, what was planned and anything else, please, feel free to ask them here for closer, we'll be happy to answer for you.

So long everyone, and thanks for all the fish. You've all been amazing, and we hope you continue to use this as a musebox for all your stuck-inside-a-city-with-persona needs.

- Pixle


Jul. 30th, 2014 02:36 pm
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Hey I'm sad to say this but I've made the choice to drop Misfit. I just haven't been in the right mindset for a game recently. I'll miss all of you.


Jul. 26th, 2014 09:28 pm
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Right so. I'm dropping Flynn. T_T

My muse for him has been dwindling over the past few months, and it's fallen to the point where I don't think I can continue playing him again. A few months ago I might have had the time to canon review him, but right now school is dismembering me and I don't think I can afford playing through SMTIV again without wrecking my grades. OTL

This is also something to wrap up the Angel plot - to handwave the ending, sorta. All three pairs will have defeated their respective angel, and that will trigger the 'final boss', Michael, to appear. The drop is handwaved as Flynn sacrificing his life to defeat it - kind of like a pyrrhic victory. Congratulations on bringing down all four Archangels...?

Whatever money that Flynn has will be going to Allelujah. He doesn't own much stuff, so that's that.

Thanks for playing with me orz
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Hello strings! Eon here. I have been given the go-ahead for a small player plot. It involves angel hunting.

The tl;dr for the premise is that the four Archangels from SMTIV have now arrived in Hinoto-Ri. They are in the Pluto Zone, hibernating, and Flynn will be leading a crew out to hunt them down as soon as possible.

Takakage will be manning technical support with the MAGI, so he will also appear in event threads as well (just not physically there).

There are four Archangels, and thus they will be buffed to each level of the visitors. Uriel will be level 1, Raphael level 2, Gabriel level 3 and Michael level 4. Each of them has their own tricks, so it will make for interesting battles. Depending on how many characters sign up, there will be either four or two concurrent threads, organized by power level.

So what do you get out of this plot? Experience, loot, and something for your character to brag about. B)

If you have any IC questions, head over to the video post here! OOC questions will be answered here.

I hope you guys find this event fun o/
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Event part deux (June 16-23rd)

After gathering the plumes of dusk (a log which you can still join here, btw!) characters can now venture into the outside city! To reflect this, the outer dome log has been expanded with both old and new Visitor prompts!

The map now has teleporter areas where the characters show up!

Go forth and join and help each other out!

If you want to prepare something regarding this log, remember that we have a CR planning meme already in progress [right here!] but you can also POST BELOW and organize groups. Plan searching parties or just decide what you'll be doing. KEEP IN MIND THAT IN THE FIRS DAYS, CHARACTERS ARE NOT AWARE OF NEWCOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE BARRIER so that may be fun to play out!

New players and old! We'd like your feedback on how the event is going so far:
▶ How is the speed (too slow? too fast? )
▶ Do you have sufficient information to work with?
Will you give me a million dollars Are you having fun? (This is important to us!)
▶ What more would you like to see in this event and other events? Let us know!

July is coming soon! Stay tuned for more event information regarding it. It's going to be a big month, but we'll still alow one additional player-plot event if you feel like running one.

The Encyclopedia is moving forward! So far there are about 40% of the persona listed, but we're slowly working at it. With this, you're easily able to see personas based on levels or a certain arcana. It also gives us a good idea of the Room Persona stats in general!

Did you have more than 30 comments in the month of May? Remember that we now allow leveling up much more easily! Reply to the section below if you have any of the following:

Lvl 1 ▶ Lvl 2: Posting over 30 comments in at least two different posts in 1 month.
Lvl 2 ▶ Lvl 3: Posting over 30 comments in at least three different posts in 1 month, and starting at least one post or log.
Lvl 3 ▶ Lvl Max: Posting over 30 comments per month in at least three different posts during 2 consecutive months and starting at least 1 post or log.

For those who are new, level up means you can equip more powerful personas. Apart from this, your character is not affected in any way, and will gain these levels the longer they stay naturally if you'd rather take this slowly.

Thank you for being with us! We hope you're enjoying this event, and those to come! If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to share them below or PM us directly!

Bonus David Bowie for absolutely no reason.



Jun. 13th, 2014 08:25 pm
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At this point, I can well and truly say that Sarah's mini-plot, The Soul Still Burns, has concluded. As for what this means, well...Sarah's new powers will be listed on her page in due time, but more importantly: enough Shattered God Arcs and intact cores were retrieved from the defeated Aragami to make four Old Type God Arcs.

In other words: plot's over, time for cross-canon power sharing! Here's a basic rundown.

The process of attuning to an Arc has a few passive benefits: increased strength, toughness, and senses. Every Arc is installed with a Control Unit and two Upgrade Units that provide a few more passive benefits. In addition, most Arcs can deal elemental damage - Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Light - in various combinations. Specifics can be gone over in PMs at my plurk - [ profile] WorldwalkerPure.

This is a permanent change, and requires mod permission to happen, but if you are interested just reply to this post and we can set up talks.
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Hello, Destiny Strings!

It might just be raining samurai, because here is your second one of the day: allow me to introduce you to Chōsokabe Motochika of Samurai Warriors 3. Daimyo of Shikoku, this particular version is a (tsugaru) shamisen-wielding musical assassin with a strong, rather eccentric personality and no shortage of willpower. Here is his hub for a more thorough overview!

His soul arcana is Magician and his unlucky arcana are Sun, Empress, Chariot and Hermit.

My name is Von, I'm GMT and I can be found at [ profile] himewakako. Feel free to add me. I'm excited to be here and I look forward to playing with you all!

+1 Samurai

Jun. 11th, 2014 12:26 pm
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Hello, all! I'm Bell, short for Bellflower, and I'm a new player bringing one Akechi Mitsuhide from Samurai Warriors 3 to your lovely game.

Historically, Mitsuhide is a samurai famous for betraying and defeating his Lord, Oda Nobunaga; any characters with some awareness of Japanese history will probably have heard of him. This fictional interpretation did exactly that, though his reasons for it are... almost certainly quite different. There's quite a lot of historical inaccuracy here, but hey, that's part of what makes him endearing! Mitsuhide is a kind, compassionate and rather emotional young man with a hidden side of steel when the time comes for it, but also a massive guilt complex and a tendancy to get depressed rather easily.

Mitsuhide's character hub post is here for those who wish to look through it, but for quick reference, his soul arcana is Strength and his unlucky arcana are The Lovers, The Devil, The Fool and Temperance (bonus points if you know what I find Fool and Devil amusing).

For contact purposes, my plurk is fightingoutside. Feel free to add me there, or PM me if you have any questions/ideas!, and I hope to have fun with you here very shortly! :D
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Good morning, Destiny Strings! The first big week stuff is all up now! June Calendar has all the info and what's yet to come, but let's focus on what we currently have to offer you:

The three logs currently open are:
The Barrier Cracking and Aftermath Log
The Outside the Barrier Log for Newcomers
The Town Meeting and Plume of Dusk Feather Collecting Log

Since that is a log of open logs, and they are better done in groups, not to mentio nthe fact we haven't had one in quite a while, it's time for....

Ow Chie, w-why is it always so painful....

▶ 1) Post a comment with your information, then a section for each of your character using the form below. Title it with YOUR NAME | CHARACTER NAME 1 , CHARACTER NAME 2, ETC
▶ 2) Comment to other characters feel about a certain with your own, using the form.
▶ 3) There is also a section for extra notes for reversal CR discussion you might want that wasn't covered by the thread creator.
▶ 4) You can plan for the future! Characters that are still outside can plan for CR one they get back, characters who want a dual persona in the future can also do that, the possibilities are as good as you want to make them.

You can use this to reply with (but you don't need to):

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Outside City Bounds Revised Map!
Another update in less than a day, we are on fire!

As per our June Calendar, the 9th marks the major start of our monthly event for newcomers, and along with our first open event log, we also now have outside city log set up for new players and returning ones who join/rejoin the game in the next two weeks!

The new Map:
Due to the outside areas now being available, the map of Hinoto-Ri has changed! IC, the characters will not know about the area names for nowm [HERE IS THE MAP IN FULL] it is too big to simply post here, so please follow the link.

Zone Information )

Additional information regarding the map )


Jun. 8th, 2014 09:33 am
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Eye Opener Event Start!
Good morning, Destiny Strings!

As per our June Calendar, the 8th marks the major start of our monthly event, and our first open event log is up for players to participate! Please note that this one deals with the initial panic in the city, the damage done to apartments and realizing that the 13th hour is 2 hours long instead of just one. More logs will follow very soon!

For new players who wish to be part of the outside introduction, that log will be posted either late tonight or tomorrow night (we're still finalizing the outside information, so we ask for your patience! 9th was our planned date, but we're trying to get it out on the 8th so you'll have something to tag as well.)

The next few days will have a few more additional open logs:

▶ Outside the Barrier Log for New Players (9th, but hopefully the 8th)
▶ General Week Rebuilding & Mictlan Log for players inside the city (9th)

These two logs will run for the next week, as players collect items needed to make the teleporter function, and new players survive in the outside, barrier-less world. As always, we encourage players to plan together, and to go beyond what is offered. You can have characters try to rebuild part of the city, or aid civilians, decide that your apartment didn't suffer too much damage and offer it to others to come stay, go help out at town hall, or simply try to fix the network.

The choices are all open to you, and we highly encourage you to form new bonds with characters, as Dual Personas will be important later on.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope you have fun! If you have questions, you can ask them below!

The Dream Recollection:
During the week of the 1st to the 7th, certain players experienced dreams that offered some clues about the upcoming events. You can find them in the links below:







Hizumi's Dream is different than the rest, however...

What could they mean? It is a mystery...

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Hiiiii howdy Strings, my name is Char and this has been a long long time of enabling coming but I'm here to bring you a ridiculous AU: one (qt: 1) Minato Arisato in the form of a Velvet Room attendant. Details on my AU are in his journal as well as my app.

Uh, tl;dr: his name is Michael, he is AU, he's a former protag, his Persona is Support based (surprise!), annnnd he looks like this, roughly. I apologize for my lack of art skills cries

I'm bad at intros, but anyway, sup all. Freshmeat in the house. :U

EDIT: ... Wow I should link my plurk on here I AM A MORON. It is [ profile] Catphones. Yep.
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Hello, all! My name is Ana and I played here way, waaaay back when. It's been awhile. Anyway, I just rejoined and am glad to be back. I have brought to the table one AU, Kachessa Marlon, who is of the Strength Arcana with the Soul Persona of the Morrigan.

Since most probably don't know who that is, I point you to what started as a Vocaloid song series--Evillious Chronicles. Most have probably heard Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil, and maybe the song for the arc Kachessa here is from: The Lunacy of Duke Venomania. That's right, Kachessa is our crossdressing Kaito from that song. The composer has since then released novels and manga for the Lust arc (and Pride and Gluttony), as well as a few worldguides, that details the world of Evillious.

That said, due to the nature of Kachessa's specific arc: she has a permissions post. Please, if you want to opt out of tagging, simply let me know. These things aren't likely to come up often, and probably not at all to most people, but I'd still rather be safe than sorry.

Other than that, it's nice to be here. I can be reached at plurk ([ profile] anakha), or by PMs or AIM. It's lovely to meet you all. /Bows/


Jun. 3rd, 2014 11:40 am
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Right, so, basically what happened is I dropped for stress reasons and then that did the opposite of helping, so I'm back!

For those who've joined since I left, my name is Mini, I play Midori Komaki from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. In canon she tried to be a magical girl in a series waaay too dark for that, but she's tempered out a lot since, though she's kept her essential optimism and energy!

Her Arcana is Temperance and she's living in Libra 10-07 now.

Nice to see you all again!
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Hi! You can call me Star I guess, I'm new here!  

My current solo muse is Nanami Chiaki from Super Dangan Ronpa Two, and I look forward to roleplaying with you guys!

Oh, yes- Nanami's character is kind of soaked in spoilers at the point in the plotline where I took her, so do take note especially if you don't want SDR2 endgame spoilers. (I need to go figure out one of those permission posts soon. Things to do, so many things to do that I keep forgetting....) So far most of my spoilers haven't been explicit, and I should by default stay on the more cautious side and ask before including spoiler references, but in case I forget because I am dumb, feel free to let me know before we get too far into any interaction that you're not okay with spoilers. 

I don't have plurk. (Not yet, I will take a look at that site. Soon.) I don't actually have any platform other than DW you can contact me on (because I literally just made this account after being pestered for three months), so for now please bear with me and try to PM or something if you need to contact me! I'm still figuring this site out. 


EDIT: MY PLURK USERNAME IS NOW starlitsunset !!! how do I work this thing, omg
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Hello, everyone! Sleepy here, Even's player, bringing a new face to the game - sort of.

You might recognise an incarnation of this particular character... I'd been considering bringing this AU in before his OC counterpart dropped, so yeah, timing. He is going to be very confused if anyone brings that up to him... and probably more than a bit loud with it.

Anyway, yes! Kanji Tatsumi. At least, that's how he'll introduce himself to anyone asking his name.
This one's a bit different... for one thing, he's mechanical. Yeah, we've got a Kan-droid running around. The last of the Anti Shadow Weapons, after a splinter research team went off and did their own thing in secret.

Expect your usual loud, flaily, ass-renovator and cute-lover, with a heavy dose of identity crisis and uncertainty over where he fits in the world. All the info's on his journal, but feel free to ask if anything's confusing: PMs or plurks at [ profile] sleepyphoenix, it's all good.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

+1 Witch

May. 29th, 2014 11:04 pm
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Except she's always been there dun dun duuuun!

Wighty here! I enjoyed playing McGonagall enough that I've decided to start playing her full time as an NPC so expect to see her around!

Unfortunately, since I can really only do one or two characters in a game at a time, this means I'll be letting go of Phantom Girl. She's had a good run here, but she's remained pretty much static, and there's not much else I can think to do with her! She'll be going home to be First Daughter of the entire universe again.
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Hey guys, Eon here! Just giving everyone a heads up that I'm gonna be posting as Flynn from this account instead. ^^
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Welcome to the June Plotline! After taking into consideration the talk during the player discussion along with an effort to bring more action and danger right back into the game, we're pleased to announce this month's plot in full. For those who wish to do things a little more quietly, don't worry, there are also opportunities to stay back as well.

Full plot information for the entire month behind this cut! )
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With Wighty stepping down from modhood(dom) we needed a few good men to replace him and several of you have answered that call! It is with great pleasure that both  Meowzy (Bro and Bobby) and Eon (Takakage and Flynn)  will be helping us with the plot, NPCing characters and general game running. We've already told them some of the plot and they were very excited, and we look forward to working with them! With this there should be at least one mod in various timezones, making it easier to contact one of us.

Additionally, Brandon continues to be the sexiest mod helper around, Walker will be our official demon NPC helper, and Kimi will be aiding with a few NPCs as well.

There's still time to join as a helper by following this link!

Congratulations everyone! With this, we're already ironing out next month's event to be filled with action, lock-downs and demons and that should all be showing up tomorrow as an informational post.