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Beyond the Dome - Event Start!

Outside City Bounds Revised Map!
Another update in less than a day, we are on fire!

As per our June Calendar, the 9th marks the major start of our monthly event for newcomers, and along with our first open event log, we also now have outside city log set up for new players and returning ones who join/rejoin the game in the next two weeks!

The new Map:
Due to the outside areas now being available, the map of Hinoto-Ri has changed! IC, the characters will not know about the area names for nowm [HERE IS THE MAP IN FULL] it is too big to simply post here, so please follow the link.

The Zones:
Each Zone in the outside has particular sections unique to it. Players are encouraged to go around and discover places that are marked, and (hopefully) not run into much issues...

☿ Mercury
Mercury’s land is barren, for the most part. The nights are very cold and the days very warm, meaning few plants survive this odd climate. There’s a few underground springs, including a hot spring. If characters search hard enough, they’ll be able to find it. What’s more interesting lies right in the center of the district. Mercury holds the remains of a few buildings, proving that the world beyond Hinoto-Ri was once inhabited by people. A few laboratories and the ruins of an abandoned hospital can be found. The power no longer works, so be sure to bring a few lanterns if you’d like to explore the buildings! Either way, the ruins are great for taking shelter from the scorching sun of daytime and the freezing cold of nighttime.

♀ Venus
Venus has a very warm, pleasant climate. The kind of place that’s hot, but not too hot. The air might feel a bit thick because of the sluggish mist that hangs around the place, but thankfully it’s not a jungle out there. The flora mostly consists of patches of grass and harmless flowers. There’s several oases surrounded by trees that provide shade. Sadly, there’s also a few volcanoes that look like they’re not quite slumbering. If characters were to scale them and peer inside, they’d find bubbling lava.

⊕ Earth
Psych! That's Hinoto-Ri, actually.

♂ Mars
Mars is a desert section. The sand is relatively red and the dunes seem almost endless. The temperature can reach up to 110 °F and there’s no water whatsoever. No cacti for the characters to plunder either. There is a huge dried lake, which implies that the land was once a different climate, but nothing can be gained from it. Without proper provisions, it will be extremely dangerous to scale this district. Detouring around it might be easier.

♃ Jupiter
Jupiter’s land consists of jagged sharp rocks that reach high into the sky and crevices that could kill a person if they fell down them. There’s a few plants here and there, if you look hard enough. The temperature is relatively normal, yet that doesn’t mean the weather is pleasant. Not at all. Powerful gusts of wind tear through the place and thunder storms are always rumbling up in the sky. Because of that, lightning strikes are quite common. Unruly as it is, Jupiter is another area that is quite dangerous to pass through.

♄ Saturn
Better tighten that scarf around your neck and find a pair of mittens if you hope to pass through the Saturn district! The landscape is covered with ice and snow, as the temperature goes far below the freezing point. Do you wanna build a snowman? Go right ahead. Beautiful auroras are visible in the night sky, but the blizzards may occur during the day. If one were to squint, they may be able to spot odd things below the ice they cross. …Is that a town down there? Best not to investigate for too long, as hypothermia can be quite nasty.

♅ Uranus
Uranus has a normal temperate zone. This is the place where characters will most prominently encounter remnants of civilization. They can pass through a desolate abandoned city, the buildings crumbling but still standing. Skyscrapers, upturned cars, you name it. Lots of it is covered with plants, as if it’s been abandoned for several decades already, but no remnants of dead bodies can be found. Sadly, Uranus is also a mindfuckery zone. The longer the characters stay and investigate, the more they are haunted by mysterious whispers.

♆ Neptune
A great part of Neptune involves an enormous lake- almost an ocean. There’s soggy land that runs through it in winding paths. The temperature is normal, at least. A bit warmer than average. There’s also a few fruit trees here and there. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly edible. If characters were to jump into the water and dive deep enough, they might encounter underwater ruins. Of course, there are also several predator fish, so taking a dip may not be the best idea.

♇ Pluto
The Pluto district is another rocky landscape with barren mountains that reach high into the sky. The temperature is relatively cold, but not crazy cold like Saturn is. There’s caves to take shelter in and if characters search hard enough, they’ll find entrances to underground caverns. Remnants of mines, perhaps? The caverns don’t lead anywhere in particular, but provided the characters have a good sense of direction, it might be easier to navigate through there than it would be above the ground.

Additional information regarding the map:
▶ Characters start out in the red X in each zone.

▶ Monsters can show up during your posts from time to time

▶ The zones colors indicate how dangerous the areas are. Also keep in mind that once your character hits an orange and red zone, persona and canon powers steadily begin to decline each hour. After a day, they are unable to use their powers until they return to the yellow and green zones, whereupon it will take an hour for all their powers to come back in full. Black zones are deadly and will result in character death.

▶ Newcomers and Returning Characters stuck outside will be there until at least June 15th minimum, so feel free to have them move around! It takes about 5 to 12 hours to move from one zone to another in full, depending on the temperature and terrain.

▶ Your character may end up finding items and possessions from their world. Mods will be watching the threads and adding descriptions and items as we go along.

▶ Characters do NOT have their COMP system upon arrival, even if they were here before; everything is stuck inside the city right now! So you do not have a means of communication if you don't speak the same language for now, time to use those pantomiming skills you've been working on (probably).

▶ We suggest showing up in the same area as someone else to have a better chance of survival. Not that characters will die (as it is permadeath in this game) but the state of the characters until next week when rescue begins may be less... healthy than others if you throw caution in the wind.

▶ This being said, we won't make life too hard for you. If we see your character struggling, we'll provide them with something so they don't die two days into exploring either.

▶ There are surprises and clues waiting in certain areas.

This information will also be useful for characters going into the zones next week, as the same rules will apply. As always, we encourage players to plan together, and to go beyond what is offered. You can have characters try to band on their arrival outside, attempt to rebuild parts of objects they find, hunt for food and so on.

The choices are all open to you, and we highly encourage you to form new bonds with characters, as Dual Personas will be important later on.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope you have fun! If you have questions, you can ask them below in this post!