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Aquarius Event End ▼
At the end of the 13th hour on the last 22nd day, the calendar will switch over to the 29th. The Aquarius monster has disappeared much like those before it, and the city will finally become aware that they have been reliving the same day seven times, as well as the memories of the Visitors speaking with them.

Thankful for your efforts, the mayor will award you with additional spending money as a cash bonus. The city will also continue to research what exactly happened, and why the Visitors were not affected.

But you've saved the day once again! You have a few more days to help clean up before the month of February, but damage this time is minimal. It's just a question of concentrating on fixing the remaining electrical power that still needs to go out. And the end of month report should arrive soon with an update on the city's status.

Still, many questions remain unanswered. Why did this happen at all? Why were the Visitors themselves not affected? And in time, other things may begin to change...

Feburary Event Information ▼
The signups will be when the city update information is posted but for now, allow us to explain this upcoming month's event!

Strrawberry & Chocolate!?
A 5 romance doujin by Pixies
Feburary 14th - 16th

As the popularity of the Visitors continues to soar, the month of February is rather quiet. Enough for the mischievous fairies to get excited about the human celebration of Valentine's Day. They've been reading all about it, you know!

However, it seems that not many of them are participating at all! How boring... Well in that case they'll clearly need their help!

► Two characters will find themselves in an apartment. Where exactly? No one knows. This could just be fairy space magic. The apartment will be lavishly decorated, the type you'd find in a Hollywood affair, heart shaped bed if you'd like.

► For the duration of the event, both players will be stuck together in that same apartment.

Signups will be required. This is because we will be randomizing people based on preference. If you do have a set partner in mind, please have BOTH of you mention this. However the fun of this will be setting yourself up with people you don't know. Think of it a bit like blind dates only more terrible. However signups will be opened until the 13th at midnight, to give everyone a chance.

► While we will randomize people, we will also take your preferences into account, however keep in mind that we may not be able to fit everyone 100%.

► The fairies will be narrating what you are doing. How they do this and what they say is entirely up to you. You can take turns narrating each other's fairy, or doing it on your own. The idea is that YOU are the conductor of what goes on.

► Characters do not have to always agree with what the fairies say, but they will keep bothering them. For example, they might start writing about how Character A tenderly grabbed Character B in his manly chest and said characters are just shoving each other.

► Characters will spend two IC nights with each other. They do not have to be in the same bed (even if the fairies complain that their matchmaking is not working).

► If the characters do fall in love during this time, the fairies may up the tempo accordingly.

► At the stroke of the 16th, the fairies will release everyone and leave them with copies of the books they wrote and drew on them. What you do with it is up to you! There will be photographs. And artwork. And production notes.